8 Tips For Saving Money During Divorce

Okay so you are at the point where you have made several attempts to save your marriage, each one of your attempts was unsuccessful…it is time to let go of the marriage and move forward with the divorce.  Before you move forward with the divorce though, step back, pause for a second to take a deep breathe, and ask yourself ‘Can I afford to get a divorce?’ Utah divorce records online

Divorce is probably going to be a difficult time in your life…right now, saving money is probably the furthest thing from your mind. That is the reason why we posted this article. No matter what your situation or circumstances, if you are thinking about moving forward with a divorce, take a second to read the following tips. Doing so could save you hundreds in costs and attorney fees:

Tip #1 – Hire a mediator.  You should seriously consider hiring a divorce mediator before hiring a divorce attorney.  Mediators cost less than attorneys and you will only need to pay for their expertise when negotiating the really complicated issues like property division and child custody.

Tip #2 – Resolve as many issues as possible between the two of you up front.  Try to settle the issues of property division, debt division, and child custody between you without any involvement from your attorneys.  If you are successful in this, you and your spouse will both save a lot of money. The bottom line is this – lawyer time, is expensive time. 

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